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Creating a New Venture
Mentorship &
Innovation Ecosystem

Embark with cooperation for innovative projects and collaborate with corporate partners to develop a novel approach in business and product innovation. 

Gain virtual Global Quotient internship opportunities for practical and "real-world" application of learning with a global perspective. 

Make use of the present to embrace the future. Build a lasting legacy of an educational platform and prepare your youth to thrive in the changing world.

A Leading Ecosystem 

Programs for Students

Learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and successful business leaders of SMC network and platform from international corporations.   


Programs for Mentors

The most excellent expert mentors can do for the youths is not only to share the keys of your success but also reveal to them their own. 


Programs for Startups

SMC works as a catalyst for helping startups to keep up with market opportunities, and paves the way for harnessing better sustainability.

A Continuous Learning Process

SMC Youth Hiking Program

SMC Youth Hiking Program is a weekly hiking event organised by SMC where the participants can make new connections and explore the vast gems of open spaces that Singapore offers.


Each week, we invite one mentor who is also a field expert for them to hike with our participants and share a speech centred around their area of expertise and their career progression, followed by a Q&A. However, many more mentors are often invited as guests to hike with the student participants! 


The hiking is conducted in pairs of two, and the hiking partner is changed two to three times throughout the event, depending on the hike length and weather. This way, the student participants can meet and exchange ideas with peers and mentors in a friendly and close manner.

About SMC

The Singapore Mentorship Committee (SMC) strives to enrich legacy education and nurture global-ready young generations. By providing a unique mentorship ecosystem, it promotes the interaction between talented youths and international business leaders across different cultures and backgrounds.

Strategic Alliances

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