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SMC Youth Hiking Library 
Discovery Guide
  • To nurture "Global-Ready" youths.

  • To promote interaction between the Western and Eastern talented youths and mentors.

SMC Mentorship Model

  • "IMDM": Integrated Multi-Domains Mentorship

  • To Explore Power in Diversity

  • To Explore Power in Inspiration

Youth and Mentors' note

  • Youths are encouraged to formulate questions for mentors before events.

  • Mentors are encouraged to prepare 1-2 main points for fruitful sharing.

PHOTO-2023-03-12-15-27-57 2.jpg
SMC Youth Hiking Library  Introduction Video One 

2023 Year-End Video

Listen to the insights shared by youth participants from six different countries during the SMC hikes, and explore the valuable lessons they've gained from the experience!

SMC Youth Hiking Library

Introduction Video Two

A typical hiking & mentoring session

We have made a compilation of a typical hiking and mentoring session hosted by the SMC Community.

Take a moment and explore this video that entails snippets from the session!

SMC Youth Hiking Library 

Introduction Video Three

Speakers' Insights

The SMC Hiking Library – an unparalleled experience where mentees and industry leaders embark on a journey of knowledge sharing amidst Singapore's mesmerising landscape!

Watch for a glimpse into the lively event:

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