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Establishing a Leading Platform for

Gaining Intrapreneurship
Creativity through 
Mentorship and Innovation

By breaking down barriers and combining different possibilities - we aim to build a robust platform for mutual support to create mutual benefit and adapt to this changing world.

Be inspired to learn new ideas and information. Gain insight into internship opportunities, workshops and interviews with mentors and business leaders.  

We are creating unlimited growth opportunities for innovative businesses. We identify and nurture high-potential talent; we power progress by connecting talents, ideas, resources and markets.

SMC connects new products and solutions with the mentor's global experiences, market perspectives and resources, thus maximising the startup's growth potential.

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About Us

For Students

Be a Part of SYC

Nominated by the institutes of higher learning collaborated with SMC. 

Participate in projects led by SMC mentors and participating organizations. 


Join Our Program

Develop skills and get hands-on work experience with SMC mentors' organizations. 


Voice Out

Join SMC youth community. Get updated on upcoming events/workshops. 

Business Meeting

For Mentors


Pursue research and provide thought-provoking

leadership to empower and mentor the youth.


Play your part in supporting interships, course, events and workshops to develop innovative solutions for  youth.

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Reach new audience by sharing knowledge and experiences for building a strong global community. 


For Startups 

Through shared sources and market data from SMC mentors and strategic partners, we are helping Singapore's leading startups connect to the broader global network and enter China and ASEAN markets. 

Start up: Nominated by SMC partners and mentors. 

Uncover Market Opportunities 

Match Key Resources

Identify Projects with Potentials

Sustain Business Growth

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