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Dialogue With Youth

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It is important to maintain good relations with people you meet.

They also shared with me the importance of having a good problem statement. 

an intrinsic desire for knowledge and passion is crucial to make it big in any field. Mr Wong took pains to emphasise that to become highly successful, one has to be among the foremost experts in the field

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 To achieve a perfect succession, the inheritor needs to possess many stellar characteristics, such as excellent moral character, international outlook and having a broad knowledge base

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 It is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen industry connections, get career advice and find new job opportunities.

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Dr David stressed the importance of a "global perspective" as it provides us with a wide range of opportunities. Dr David discusses his failures and achievements, and some of the lessons he learned from both. 

"I had to study politics and war so that my sons could have the freedom to study math, so that their children could have the opportunity to study painting, poetry, music."

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It's important to fight for your career, but not for your family. He also talked about three key factors in the sharing process: "chance, choice and luck."

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As the saying goes, "Man proposes, God disposes. Success requires not only strong personal ability and sufficient preparation, but also "right time" and "right place", which is also called luck.

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You should always cut time out of your schedule to connect and exchange with new people.

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