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Mindset is everything

I feel extremely privileged to intern with Dr. Ong and Madam Ziwei at SMC for the past six months. During this enriching and meaningful time, I have been fortunate to develop my unique disposition through a variety of SMC projects, as well as to comprehend the importance of legacy education. I could interact with several mentors, professors, and peers to explore and  learn about the shape focus in much-hyped field. This experience has caused me to rethink everything about myself. It also encouraged me to gain the bravery and spirit of exploration as I head to the next stop on my life tour.


Processing Skills


Under Dr. Ong’s leadership, I prepared a presentation for a major summit held at SUTD. During the month of preparation, we filtered a lot of the latest literature and news, and conducted analysis in order to infer true and reliable data. One of the most important things I learned was how to think and create our own original ideas amidenormous amount of information from different sources.

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In today’s Digital age, information is being smoothened out as different sources present various outcome on the same issue. It is essential  to distinguish the voice of the platform, refine it in reading and then develop our own unique insights. This last step is particularly important in today’s era of social media bombardment.


Mindset Is Everything


During this time, I met some of the entrepreneurial students at SUTD and NTU and learned about their original aspiration and how they got started. From their stories, I understand the importance of being onpar with the world, which is also central to the research project "SMC Global EQ Quotient" .


At the beginning of a business venture, I should challenge myself to think: Is what I want to do something that others have already done and can I do even  better? I may not be able to do everything myself because of the limited resources I have, but how can I integrate these resources efficiently according to strengths? These are the evaluation criterias that I can use and practice in the future, in many areas like my work, study or when I want to start a business.

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Youth Community


As a member of SYC, I am elated to have met friends who share similar ambitions and outlook on life. We get to know each other through our weekly Saturday walk. In designing the structure and planning the activities of SYC, the board members and I utilize our imagination and gain unique insights at different stages. In the future, more people will join this family and I am certain that we can organize more meaningful activities together.




I am grateful for this experience and the friends I met during my internship at SMC, which like a lighthouse, guided me when my mind was in fog. With a better understanding of myself, I can keep going even though future is not all plain sailing.

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