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We shape our buildings thereafter they shape us

It is a great honor to participate in SMC Saturday walking that is organized by SMC. In this precious and unforgettable period, we were fortunate to meet many outstanding elites, to share and communicate with everyone. This project invites different groups of people from society, creating a unique and diverse platform. We also met many outstanding students, excellent professors and successful businessmen here. Throughout the interactions with the members, we learned a lot about the Singapore culture, valuable knowledge and trending in different industries, and the prospect and expectation of different mentors for the future. We are now better able to realize the potential crisis and opportunities of these hot industries from many different professional perspectives. These valuable experiences give us a clearer goal for our future, and also motivate us to find a suitable industry and gain a better global vision with the help of the SMC platform.

截屏2022-03-28 下午1.23.41.png

SMC Founder, Dr Ong, often mentions that the original intention of creating SMC is to have a diversified platform that can be inherited. SMC includes SYC sub-platform, which has young elite leaders who can engage in innovative ideas. SMC mentors can share their successful past experience and knowledge. They can lead the way for these young people and nurture more outstanding talents who can contribute to society. The idea ‘Legacy” of SMC is also worth learning. Dr Ong often mentioned that “maintaining family wealth and wisdom for more than three generations" is a sophisticated problem faced by global entrepreneurs. To achieve a perfect succession, the inheritor needs to possess many stellar characteristics, such as excellent moral character, international outlook and having a broad knowledge base. However, SMC is able to fulfil the conditions that these inheritors are missing. When everyone is actively contributing to SMC, it is very hard to not become the "Harvard class of legacy platform in Singapore" that is often mentioned by Dr Ong!

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We are very happy to participate in every Saturday SMC Hiking Tour that is organized by SMC. We have met many like-minded friends here; we can encourage each other and make progress together. Now there are more talents from different background joining this big family, I believe SMC will hold many more interesting activities in the future to cultivate young talents for our society!


Thanks again for Dr Ong's invitation and hope SMC will be thriving in the coming years!


Best wishes!

Jason and Joseph

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