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Experience Sharing New Generation Enterpreneur Ship


In today's ever-changing environment, the younger generation is constantly

enthusiastic about exploring different areas of entrepreneurship and

pursuing the meaning of life. Through self-learning as well as the help of

mentors and friends, they overcome bottlenecks and face more challenges

and opportunities.

Jointly organised by BC and SMC, the BC-SMC Young Business Leaders

Seminar invites the passionate rising generation to share their insights on

entrepreneurship and their growth journey. Besides, as the future leaders of

family enterprises, we can also take a look at how these young business

leaders redefine the future of their family businesses with innovative



Zhao Hongwei

Zhao Hongwei worked as a data analyst for half a year after graduating from

NUS Computing, but realised that was not his cup of tea. Thus, he switched

paths to being an entrepreneur, starting from a field that he is familiar with —

gym and fitness. From there, he explored various other industries to

gradually find out what suits him best.

Dong Haoran

Currently a student in an international school, Dong Haoran has been setting

up businesses with his friends to gain experience in preparation for the

future. The nurturing from his family sparked his insights on family

businesses and inheritance. The nature of his family’s business and his

elders’ contributions are his greatest motivations. These factors moulded

him into an all-rounder, as he strives to gain affirmation from his family

while pursuing his dreams.

Event Information

Date: 30 JUN 2021

Time: 7:30PM - 8:30PM


Language: Mandarin

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