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展信佳 - 父母是挡在我们和死神之间的一道墙

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm。



陈律函 28 岁 古董车维修厂创始人

黑猫白猫, 能抓住老鼠就是好猫!

谢谢SMC 邀请我阅读导师们的家书。这些家书教会了我如何管理生活并给我提供了独特的商业见解,尤其是在遇到困难的时期。







Thank you for inviting me to read theseletters. They have provided me with insight on how to manage life and business,especially during these tough times.

I liked how the letters, despite being writtenby different parents, focus on common themes of happiness, health, and doingyour best.

Whether it may be in relation to the businessof life, one should always approach the matter in a jovial manner. Thisresonates with me greatly as I have recently fallen out with my manager at theworkshop, and these letters have encouraged me to deal with the matter in apositive manner. It has further pushed me to continue to see the best in mymanager, despite him having done wrongful things to the company. Likewise, myfather has also given me the same advice- To continue to be positive, and notlet the past affect the future.

Another important aspect is health, which isunfortunately forgotten by me and many of my peers. The population is workinglonger hours than before, and we have lesser time to upkeep our personalhealth. My father constantly reminds me to drink more water, sleep early, andexercise regularly. Reading the lettersserve as a reminder that all the money made from working, are worthless if I donot have a healthy body to reap and enjoy the rewards.

The last aspect, is simply doing our best withwhat we have, all the time. We are all born with different levels ofintelligence, environmental rearing, and luck. But what we can do to level the field, is to do our best. We can onlylive a happy and healthy life, if we do our best in all aspects. While doing mybest may not lead to a success all the time, I can take comfort in the factthat I have tried. As the great Elbert Hubbard once said, “There is no failureexcept in no longer trying”.

Thank you for inviting me to read the letters.They have spurred me on to live and work happier, healthier, and better.




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