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Unleash the True Potential of 

A Continuous
Learning Culture

Embed new skills, knowledge, performance, and innovation. Develop a broader mindset with more profound thoughts. 

Gain inspiration from expert mentors and the youths. Hear their success stories of personal growth and entrepreneurial experience. 

Refine and improve your skills to actively meet the demands of the new economy. Develop global mindsets.

Embrace a new world of the workplace by nurturing young entrepreneurs to enter new markets or launch innovative products skillfully. 


Cultivate continuous learning culture

By Themes

Pass on the legacy of good character and faith to the next generation. Learn to carry on the wisdom of your family.

Give youth the power to innovate, adapt, and make progress in the future. Hear their thoughts.

"Give a man a fish; you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; you feed him for a lifetime." We interview the mentors and the mentees to review their accomplishments and understanding of the mentorship.

Weave a dream for tomorrow. Hear stories, thoughts, and ideas about life and work from our youth and young entrepreneurs.

Global Perspective

Design Thinking & Innovation for Business

Learn from the study results shared by the participants of SMC Global Quotient research projects led by SMC industrial partners.

Use design thinking to develop a human-oriented solution for product & service improvement through business innovation.


SMC Interviews

Passion of 3D Printing:
Matt Chiu

Matt graduated from Singapore University of Technology and Design. He is specialized in his research and business in applying and innovating 3D printing technology in traditional industries. 


Develop global mindsets

Webinar and Workshop

Happy Businesswoman

The Global Perspective shapes how you value and understand global innovation trends and success in the international market.


The global growth presents daunting challenges. Industry professionals and businessmen share their experiences and insights on how to do business globally or enter new markets. 

Knowing Asia 

The shift in the global economic centre of gravity towards Asia offers us new challenges and also opportunities. People with the deep understanding of the cultural, linguistic, market and industry knowledge of the region can better take advantage of the growth opportunities.


Strengthen your growth potential and create more value-added opportunities by learning more deeply about Asia through SMC.

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Intrapreneurial  Initiative

Intrapreneurs are inner entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in large companies. Discovering new opportunities is vital for sustainable business growth. When a company stops innovating, it cannot survive in a constantly changing market. SMC supports second-generation entrepreneurs to explore opportunities to create that value and signpost family businesses to new opportunities.

SMC Intrapreneurial Program's Requirements:

a young entrepreneur 

ready to start the project

a business

provides safer resources 

a project

to develop and implement

a mentor

willing to direct and mentor

Start up: Nominated by SMC partners and mentors. 

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