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Cross-cultural travel and hiking experience

This Saturday, I was honored to be invited by Dr. Ong to participate in the Cultural Walk organized by SMC Youth Committee. Not only did I make like-minded friends through this event, but I also garnered life long lessons from the experiences shared by the mentor and the participants.


The hike was 12km long, starting from Singapore's National Stadium, walking along the beautiful Marina Bay Park to the famous Marina Barrage, followed by the magnificent Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant. I learnt that this desalination plant is used for treating both, seawater or fresh water drawn from the Marina Reservoir. What caught my attention was the newly built green gardenter race: Marina East Green Rooftop. The spectacular view, along with the insightful conversations with the participants and mentors, made the entire tour an unprecedented experience for me.

截屏2022-04-05 下午12.21.20.png

During this hike, we walked together in pairs and would change partners every 3 km .All participants in this hike come from different social backgrounds like Indonesia, Singapore, India, and China. This resembles one of Singapore's unique traits: Cultural diversity. All participants are currently at differen tstages of their lives, ranging from high school students who are going to take their college-entrance exams to graduates who just stepped into society and joined the work force. It was a completely novel experience to personally know each one of them. As a full-time national serviceman myself, I was able to share my experiences preparing for exams and NS with those who are still in highschool. At the same time, I  gained insightful advice from those who are studying at their universities.

截屏2022-04-05 下午12.25.41.png

For every cultural walk, Dr. Ong would invite a mentor who is accomplished in his career and life to share his journey and provide advice for young people, such as us. In this event, Dr. Ong invited his lifelong friend, Mr. Eugene Ng, who is the General Manager of Asia-Pacific for Chevron Oronite. Mr. Eugene washumble, and patiently answered every question we asked. One point he mentioned during his sharing was etched on my mind. He mentioned that one of the most important factors for success is to build trust with people. Trust between people is essential, whether as an employee or entrepreneur. He also taught me the importance of learning how to be a good person before anything else. 


Additionally, Mr. Eugene also shared his experiences on making career choices and overcoming obstacles in life with us.


Within a short span of 3 hours, I have broadened my horizons and worldview through this event. I have also made many like-minded friends. Lastly, I would like to thank Dr. Ong again for organizing this event and I truly appreciate the opportunity given to me.

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